The Flower’s Song

Loves me,

I count the petals in my hand
and think about the times we were.
The petals fall from my grasp
like how the time slipped through our fingers.

Loves me not,

I think about how you smile
How we used to smile together
How there is nothing left in your eyes
like everything is left in my heart.

Left me,

I wish there could be an us
Just like how there used to be.
As the petals fall, so do the tears
and they all fall down.

leave me not.



We were young
and vibrantly green
and we did not know the world

It was spring
and I only knew
you would never leave me

There was pink
suffusing the air
clouding my sight of you

We were forever
in that little space
where our fates entwined

Time has passed
and now I know
we are leaves.

Just like you did.