I am afraid, I must admit.

Afraid of being tied down.
Afraid of committing, and regretting.
Afraid of being hurt again.

I have watched
lovers rise
romance form
hearts intertwine

My heart yearns
for that sweet touch
for that warm embrace
for that loving kiss.

It yearns for what it cannot have.

Too many times I have seen
lovers burn
smiles break
tears fall.

Now I am alone
in the shadows
afraid that what little light is left would be taken away-
waiting for the little light to be taken away.

It will be taken away
for it is to be.

I have seen.
I have watched.
I have feared.

All I can do now is advise you.

Cherish your lovers.
Protect your brothers.
Treasure your friends.

Love who you want to.

Take it from me.
I’m just passing through.