Coat Hanger

Malignant tumor
I condemn you to death.

You have cut off my bonds
Wounded my pride
Stolen my body
But you will never break my will.

You started as unease;
Giddy I fell
To your whims
To your desires
To your beck and call

Then it never came.

You took away the normality
You took away my freedom
You took away- him.

Oh how I want everything back.
Including the pain.

Now you crawl inside me
Punching and kicking
Fighting for your life.

But you won’t succeed.

Now that he is gone
Along with my family,
And I am broken and alone-

I have nothing left.
Except you, ungrateful wretch.

I have fallen-      but you’ll fall with me.

I am not promoting abortion here, folks. I do agree that it is necessary in some cases, where the mother might lose her life, but for the most part, I frown on such actions.

I hope you’ll never have to fall as low as is described above.


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