I stare at the space between us, and wonder why it hurts.

The sheer distance between me and all of you

The physical manifestation of my cold isolation

The single undeniable fact that we are worlds apart

It is hard to accept, but as the years roll by, it grows ever clearer.

The bonds you create with those of your kind

The friendships you make in the solace of time

 The memories you form growing ever brighter


You are blinding my eyes used to the shadows of loneliness-  

                and this makes me shiver,

as the coldness deepens around me

and the empty distance between us stretches


I purse these chapped lips etched with the bitterness of my years-

I do not want to see your smiles

                  I do not want to hear your laughter

I do not want to feel your warmth


For it is just not to be- never to be.

Our paths have long past intersected

and our goodbyes have long been said

yet your happy faces that have long gone

they still haunt me.


I stand alone as I see the years go by,

and smile one full of loneliness.

One full of sadness.

One full of solace.


Because as I walk alone on a path only for me
I hold my head up high.




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