Three Stages of Fury


I see her, the epitome of beauty. She smiles, but not at me.

With every step she takes, my heart shudders.
With every laugh she makes, it bleeds.
With every smile, it yearns.

I have been watching her for almost all my years.
I have been with her through her sufferings,
her laughter and her joy,
her trials and her sorrow-
but why can’t she see me? I love her far more than he does.

Why didn’t she pick me?


It hits me. She must- she must want me to save her! That’s it!
That dirty man must be threatening her. I smile.

I whet my knives and load my guns- deep in my space.
I brew deadly poisons of every kind within.
The darkness consumes my being, and I let it.

And then it ends with a splatter of blood.
It ends with my horrified expression,
as I stand over their lifeless bodies.


I-I didn’t mean for this to happen.

She- she is probably waiting for me, there.
YES! That must be it. It must be!
I’m coming, my sweet!

My tightly wrapped arms struggle in their chains, but they won’t stop me.
Even in the cold darkness of this prison, my love will win.
They can do nothing to me, I whisper,

I laugh to myself, giggle at the thought of our reunion,
until I can’t stop laughing, laughing at the futility of my imprisonment,
laughing at them, laughing at me, laughing, laughing laughinglaughing

This was prompted by the word of the day, Anger.

The three stages of fury described are the three Furies in Greek mythology, otherwise known as the Erinyes. Megaera (“jealous rage”), Tisiphone (“vengeful destruction”), and Alecto (“endless”).

In my opinion, anger has three phases: buildup, the explosion, and the aftermath. The aftermath, in my opinion, is perfectly described by Alecto(“endless”), as the consequences of our actions done in anger can never be undone. For the rest of our lives, we can only look back in regret at the things we have done in anger. We can mend, of course. But the marks will still be there.


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