Engine Oil and Smiles

You take your place inside me
and place your hand on my heart
You turn the keys and smile
as the beating slowly starts

You drive me up and down the roads
And don’t forget the walls
Even when I’m going crazy,
this trip ain’t bad at all

Through rain and sun, through thick and thin,
we both enjoy the ride
For nothing else matters,
only that you’re by my side

Neither engine oil nor gasoline
can push my wheels too far
But a single smile from you to me
is enough for this old car


Inspired by the prompt word of the day,  Drive.


Circle of Freaks


Decked in red and black, my weary heart laughs. It is not a happy laughter, but one full of bitterness and spite.
Donning clothes of bright scarlet, it hides the bleeding with its smiles. Masked with giggles and tricks and everything up its sleeve.
Draped in dark cloth, to hide the stains on its spirit. For this love is corrupted.
Delving into self-destruction, my broken heart laughs to itself. For this love is its doom.
For this love is its pleasure and its happiness and its insanity.

We do make a fool out of me.


I know you can stand alone.
I always have.

But you see me as an obstacle to your freedom. You flaunt your so-called independence in front of me, in an obvious attempt to tell me that you exist as an entity beyond me. I got the message. You break off all bonds trying to keep yourself self-reliant. 

Well, I’ve had it with you.
You can be all strong and independent alone.

Why did you even enter a relationship in the first place?
To show off your strength?


Swinging and swinging, we twirl round and round.
But we’re going in circles.
Reaching new heights, we smile at the crowds.
But not at each other.

Walking on tightropes, we walk together.
But the tension in the air is killing me.
Hurtling through skies, we defy death.
But we are in danger of breaking apart.

We flip and we tumble and-
we fall.

This is a response to the one-word prompt Circus from DailyPost  😀



In the world of material objects, only death lasts.

Darling, trust me, I know. I have seen the wealthy fall from their pedestals; I have witnessed the mighty crash into the mud with a resounding thud. The oppressed have broken free from their chains time and time again; the weak have risen to the pinnacle of society.

There is only one thing that binds them all together: they have all met Father. He can be cold and uninviting, or warm and hospitable. He can take your hand slowly, or strike you down like a flash of lightning. But he comes to all regardless.

I know only death lasts. But dreams can also last forever.

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