We were young
and vibrantly green
and we did not know the world

It was spring
and I only knew
you would never leave me

There was pink
suffusing the air
clouding my sight of you

We were forever
in that little space
where our fates entwined

Time has passed
and now I know
we are leaves.

Just like you did.



I see an artist trying desperately,
You see a failure
I see an someone special and brimming with potential,
You see a freak
I see a person content with what they have,
You see an outcast
I see a stressed mother holding on for her child,
You see a disgrace

I see an a broken heart yearning for love,
You see a wretch
I see myself and smile,
You see me and laugh
and jeer
and mock
and tease

But both of us can see
through your mask and fear.
I hope you can and will see
You’re exactly who you’re meant to be.



In the world of material objects, only death lasts.

Darling, trust me, I know. I have seen the wealthy fall from their pedestals; I have witnessed the mighty crash into the mud with a resounding thud. The oppressed have broken free from their chains time and time again; the weak have risen to the pinnacle of society.

There is only one thing that binds them all together: they have all met Father. He can be cold and uninviting, or warm and hospitable. He can take your hand slowly, or strike you down like a flash of lightning. But he comes to all regardless.

I know only death lasts. But dreams can also last forever.

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